Bilú told his father: "Dad, God is not satisfied yet". The man, surprised asked why. "He wants you to take care of children."


Projeto Bilú is a non governamental organization (NGO) taking care of children and teenagers in many cities of Brazil. Our orphanages across the country welcomes many young persons, in cases they are abandoned or they live in unfair surrounding. We are expanding, as much as we are meeting many cities and their mayors in order to get more and more installations. We have been spreading Projeto Bilú's name in the north of the country by making association with independent organizations, since they were looking forward for better structures. Further, our program "Children in Sports" was created to pull children our of tough living realties, put them in a sport structure, coach them. We offer many cultural and sport classes such as Boxing & Muai Thai, Percussions, English, Ballet and others in our fifteen and growing "Nucleos" (locals) across Brazil.


In 2010, before the World Cup, we've been invited in South Africa to bring an Under17 selection to play in a tournament. We finished unbeaten and won the tournament. Since then, we receive invitations from everywhere in the world. So the "Children in Sport" program recently started an International Soccer Academy.





























information for the bank well Fargo is bellow if you would like to help the kids from Brazil 🇧🇷 if you need more information call me +1 (843) 200-0096 Marcos Azevedo.